Haruko Kawashima



True leadership always starts from within




Haruko’s purpose is transforming foundation of capitalism through guiding leader’s evolution with abundance.
Haruko naturally sees the inherent beauty and essence of individuals and the world.
Her purpose is linked to transforming leaders to be authentic and unlock full potential.


Haruko is a founder of Institute of Women’s leadership, she empower leaders in organizations, government
who can then transforming and creating a bigger impact on the society and the world as whole.


The last 10 years Haruko has worked with over 10000 leaders from over 50 organizations.
In the last years, she started to focus on empowering women leaders is a key element in new leadership culture.
She is a renowned speaker and author on the topics of leadership, women and authenticity.
Haruko lives in Japan with her husbund.

Haruko Kawashima