Haruko Kawashima



True leadership always starts from within




Haruko’s purpose is being a pioneer of new leadership culture globally.


Haruko naturally sees the inside and outside beauty of individuals and the world.
Her purpose is linked to transforming people’s relationship to themselves, others and the world so that they are able to discover their authentic self and unlock their full potential. She chose to focus on empowering leaders in organizations, government and entrepreneurs who can then create new leadership culture in their environments and thus have a bigger impact on the society and the world as whole.


In the last 10 years Haruko has worked with over 10 000 people from over 50 organizations. In the last years, she also started to focus on empowering women as diversity is a key element in new leadership culture. In 2015 she founded Institute of Women’s Leadership in Japan. She is a renowned speaker on the topics of leadership, women and authenticity.


Haruko has been always fascinated by Europe, its culture and values. Europe has become an inspiration especially in the field of empowering women.  Since 2015 she has also become a partner in ATAIRU, international leadership development company where she is responsible for bringing authentic leadership to Japan and large international clients in Europe.


Haruko sees herself as a bridge between Europe and Japan. There are many parallels between them: both have played an important role in the global context, have a long tradition and are undergoing an internal transformation themselves. Haruko strongly believes that Europe and Japan are playing a key role in creating new leadership culture for the world so she dedicates her time between Europe and Japan.


Haruko Kawashima